About me


Founding director of Colne Brothers Films Ltd, created to develop & produce feature films for a global audience.  Currently working with a leading movie producer to bring an award-winning British rom-com to the big screen.

Over 18 years of experience in the film business. As a writer, responsible for 16 scripts broadcast in the USA and Europe. As a director responsible for six short films which have been nominated at over 100 film festivals winning 11 awards. As a director, responsible for commercials, online virals, live events, music promos and documentaries. As a producer on most of the same projects, responsible for managing budgets, crewing up, casting, location scouting and editing. With exceptional people skills, he brings a team building, detail orientated, budget conscious approach to this extremely creative field and with a sense of humour whenever appropriate.

Feature Films in development


The extraordinary true story from 1971 of how, against expectation, 150,000 people descended upon a tiny Essex village in England to see some of the biggest bands of the time play in a farmer’s field.


A fun heist movie set in New Orleans about how a woman who works for an agency that checks husbands for suspicious wives gets caught up with a charming but deceitful client.


A family comedy in which three teenagers from completely different backgrounds are forced on the run in rural New Mexico with a stolen winning racehorse on a journey that will change their lives forever.